London Hen Hip Hop

Come and get your hips thrustin’, your arms bustin’, and that butt shakin’ for your hip hop hen party with all the bling and swagger that you’d expect from your fave Hip Hop star. Learn some crazy turns, funky footwork, poppin’, lockin’ and robotics to stun all of your ‘girl crew’. You’ll be dancing like a pro in no time, your click wondering ‘whose that girl?’, they wanna know!

Whether you like a bit of old-skool ‘Push it’ from the Salt and Peppa Days , or perhaps you’re a fiesty Nicki Minaj type, we can work to your exact requirements. The world is your oyster, let us be your catcher.

“Would the real Slim Shady please stand up?!”


From £19.50 per person

Duration of dance class: 1 hour or 1.5 hours

What to expect: A funky Hip hop dance warmup. An awesome routine taught by a professional choreographer with all the latest moves and dance styles. A fun dance off at the end to leave you well equipped for the streets. Get ready to Step up and dance!!

What to bring: Sporty tops and trousers, trainers, hats, hoodies, sweat bands, head bands, retro, old school, and funky clothes.

Minimum group number: 10 People


t: 0207 831 9192  e:


London Hen Hip Hop Dance Experience

“Hi Jan,

The Popstar experience dance class was a huge success with the girls. They all had a brilliant time and many mentioned how great our instructor was. I even had an email from the groom saying that his bride kept him awake till the early hours as she couldn’t stop talking about it.

We played a video of the dance at the wedding and then later in the evening there was also a mini performance!

Thanks again for all your help,