Popstar Dance Experience

London Hen will turn you into a Popstar, MTV style! Choose one of your favourite dance videos and learn some authentic moves that will make you the star of the show.  You’ll be dancing like a real professional in next to no time! Have fun pulling out some of the best moves that you see on TV today, only difference is this time, you are the stars!

Beyonce “Single Ladies” I Britney “One More Time” I ” Micheal Jackson “Thriller” I Rihanna “Work”

From £19.50 per person

Duration of dance class: 1 hour 30 minutes

What to expect: A fun dance warmup, a routine taught by a professional choreographer and a stunning performance to be proud of to finish off!

What to bring: Comfortable clothes, sporty trousers recommended, trainers essential! Sweat bands, headbands, bandanas, hats, and hoodies are optional. All of your favourite, most iconic accessories to link you to your star!

Minimum group number: 10 People


t: 0207 831 9192  e: londonhen@gmail.com


“Hi London Hen

Thanks for your email. Great to meet you, me and the girls had a fantastic time Saturday! thank you. I’m pleased I booked with London Hen. Both the Dance and cocktail classes were really enjoyable and we were made to feel really comfortable. The cocktail class was my fave! I think we were all a little merry by the time we left but hopefully we learnt a few things! The venue was a good choice and I’m glad we got our own private space. Overall full marks for experience and hospitality!

We got some hilarious shots. I was wondering if you have any good ones you could send over? Also, how did the video come out? (cringe!)