Hen Party useful Tips

London Hen essentials guide to finding the best activities, events and giving you lots of free wonderful ideas

Why London Hen?

The answer is simple. We know dance.

London Hen’s booking team is made up of Dancers and Performers and so we speak with great enthusiasm and passion for your London Hen experience. We pride ourselves on the quality of our in house London Hen HQ team who collectively have 40 years of Hen Dance Experience between them!

If you want the very best choreographers, a warm and friendly team to make your experience just that little bit better, then choose London Hen.

Why a dance activity/event?

They’re fun, interactive, exciting, and here at London Hen we do them the best! No one ever gets left out, and it always guarantees a bundle of laughs. They’re all tried and tested so you can go to our customer feedback section for honest real reviews: http://www.londonhen.co.uk/category/hen-party-reviews/

Is this difficult for me to organise?

It just takes a phone call or email to London Hen. If you’ve got no idea where to start then we can start suggesting ideas and themes for you. Tell us about the bride, her likes/ dislikes and then let us do the hard work for you.

Have you got some top tips for booking our hen/stag night, celebration, event?

Make sure book your Hen & Stag night, celebration, at least 3 months advance to give you the best options for availability. Simply if you book early then you’ll have better choices. Get the key members of the group to agree on a budget and try and get a rough idea of numbers as soon as possible.

How long does it take to organise a hen/stag night, celebration, event?

We recommend between 2-4 months to get the preparations underway. But don’t worry-even if it’s last minute we’ll definitely get a good activity booked for you! Make sure to send emails out with deadlines for your group to get back to you.

Are the dance activities easy to learn?

We cater for all levels, ages, shapes and sizes so really no need to worry! We guarantee to get everyone dancing and having a good time. Just let us know as much as possible about the group e.g. any injuries, older members with any conditions etc

Do I need to be fit for attending a dance activity/event?

You will require some level of fitness. It’s mainly about having fun and taking part that matters. Don’t be surprised if you work up a sweat though!

What is the minimum number of people that can do the activities?

Most of our activities are based on a minimum of 10.

What should I wear for the dance activities?

Something comfortable and something that makes you feel good. It’s best to wear something sporty like sports trousers and a fun bright top to get you in the dancing mood. We always provide a suggested list with each activity!

What else to do for the day?

Most of our events are held in London’s West End. Easy reach of theatres, restaurants, bars, and clubs. You’ll never be stuck for things to do before or after the event.