London Hen Dance Experience website re-launch

It’s Friday! Yes, another step closer to the weekend and more opportunities to book your perfect Hen Dance Experience at London Hen! It’s also our website re-launch!

We’ve been very busy bee’s here this week at London Hen and are very pleased to welcome you to our relaunched website! (Cue the ooo’s and aah’s!)… You may recognise a number of our most popular Hen Dance Groups that we’ve put together over the years, but we’ve also got lots of new dance experiences to share with you! We are really excited and we hope that you are too.
Now, if you have a specific idea in mind that you can’t find, please let us know because together with our very talented team we can create anything for you! Though regrettably after many requests, we must say that it’s still quite impossible to get Channing Tatum to run your class – we know, we are disappointed too! We are confident though that you’ll be just as pleased with our amazing choreographers!

With our relaunch you can now enjoy:
  • ‘Meet The Team’ on the home page –  have a nose at who will be teaching you on the day!
  • This wonderful new blog where we’ll keep you updated with anything new going on in our world
  • Interviews with our in house choreographers
  • General tips about your big ‘dance experience’ day!
All that’s left to say at this point is Happy Planning and we do hope to hear from you soon!

– Love all the team at London Hen

“For an experience which you’ll never forget”